It’s About Creativity

Creatively Inclined?

“I’m not creative.” “Creativity skips a generation” “You are creative because your grandma is creative.”

These are the things my mother used to say to me when I was growing up. What did I know? I was a kid, she’s Mom, so it must be true. I have been aware I was creative since about 5 years old. Probably because my mother told me. She was right too, BUT she was completely wrong about herself. Even though she’d never admit it she was (and is) creative- everyone is and we all use it. Maybe not in what you think is a traditional sense (the arts) but in the very living of life.

I don’t care if you are aware you’re using it or not; everyone has creativity within that is being tapped. The degree, the extent, how it is being used is what most people are unaware of.  Perhaps it’s stress or something negative in your past blocking your awareness but trust me it’s in there and becoming aware of it, how you already engage it with the world around you is all that stands in the way of releasing it fully to transform your life.

Dan Poynter (d. 11-4-15) said, “I believe everyone has a book inside them.” 

 I agree with Mr. Poynter and just writing down thoughts is a great place to start the journey into your creativity. You may not write a book- and being a writer may not be your best form of expression- but everyone has creativity that needs expression; whatever form it takes.  Were you encouraged as a child to be creative?  What were you doing when you lost all track of time?  When you wished Mom hadn’t called you in for dinner or Dad told you to clean up that “mess” (your project) on the table so the family could eat dinner on it? 

Whatever “that” was it’s likely how you expressed your creativity in childhood.  Just spend some time thinking about it and then write a few pages about what you recall and see how you feel remembering that.  Consider looking on the internet to see what’s new and going on in that hobby you gave up years ago or an outdoor activity that gave you joy.  Joy is often the sign you’re getting close to your best form of creative expression.  Stress, overwhelm and hectic schedules will block your ability to rediscover the creativity you thought was lost or gone years ago when you had to get a job and pay the bills.  If nothing comes right away don’t worry. Just keep mulling over “What was that fun thing I used to do?”  The answer may come to you while in traffic or the bathroom, but trust me it will hit you and be worth your time. However that creative spark, encourage it to come forth; play with it because you know you’re worth it.

Check out this YourHobby website here for inspirations that may help unlock your traditional creative expression. Then, if you want to dig deeper contact me to be your guide to unwrapping the gift of your creativity and utilizing it to cope, heal and transform your life. –Sharon Richards 8-16-20