It’s About A Nom de plume

Hello - Marie here, some of you know me from Facebook and possibly on Instagram or Twitter as Lady Aquatania Gryffin. These are cryptonyms created so I may share freely my affection for what inspires me to write and I hope what you may choose to read by clicking the link at the top of this post.  Why did I do this?  Well, because many writers do! In my case it's to delineate my non-fiction work from the fiction I'll be posting here. In the past some of my fictional work has been confused with historical facts.  I'm delighted for the mistake in one sense but in another is can encourage legal entanglements. So with this particular pen name I gain ability to express my passions without inviting those whose paradigms are threatened and shaken by mere words born from intense love of something or someone. Thus, from time to time- for your consideration- I'll post poetry, ficlits and short stories from my addled, aged mind. Sometimes it will be obvious who has inspired the work, sometimes not; regardless I hope you find it at least a giggle and at best entertainment worth your time.    
Thank you
M.G. Brezhoge