Common Ground

It’s About Collecting

We all do it. Whether it’s for practical reasons or for pleasure we collect. Function in life demands we do. You’ve got a collection of utensils in the kitchen, a collection of furniture you sit on and a collection of towels, sheets and pillows, right? Well, then you collect but that’s only because you need these items in the course of living life. What this community is about is the pleasurable sort of collecting -and true- sometimes it isn’t a pleasure but that’s what happens when you inherit things- a collection thrust upon you.

That’s just one aspect of how we collect- acquisition. My hope is by sharing some of my collections and the things I’ve learned; you’ll be encouraged to do the same. My goal is to create a positive atmosphere where we share the common ground of collecting and the passion we have for our collections. Thanks and I hope you join in as we share and collect good memories!

Sharon Richards